The 20/20 Clarity of Hindsight

Looking back, we had never really considered homeschooling our son, but during his 5th grade year, his assessment test showed that he was reading at a 2nd grade level.  The diagnosis was dyslexia, so we sought out the best school in our area to help correct this issue.  Our son was deemed by the school to be a perfect fit for it, so all we had to do was wait until the end of June to hear if they had graduated enough children to create room for our boy.  We were reassured a number of times that the prospects were excellent.  Panic set in when we read the letter stating that there wasn’t a spot for him for the upcoming fall. Those words pierced our soul.  It was now July and we had no viable alternative for him to attend at the end of August.  We scrambled to visit a couple of private schools in desperation, thinking that there might be an outside chance we could make it work, but the moment we stepped foot in them, our hope faded away and our hearts grew heavy.

It is amazing how the answer to some of life’s most perplexing challenges can be right in front of you, but you can’t see it. Fortunately for us, a wise and close friend came to our rescue and removed our blinders.  I will never forget her saying, “I will tell you what we will do, I am homeschooling my two boys, so with your help, I will take on your son as a student also, which will give you time from now until December to find the right place for him.”  Those words stunned us at first, but in an instant, the sound logic rang loud and clear.  What started out as a temporary situation became a natural long term fit, and our boy thrived in homeschooling.  By adding a reading tutor into the mix, we took a very difficult situation and made it a perfect custom tailored offering.

All that was going on while, unbeknownst to us the foundational concepts for HomeEdExpert-Advisor were being mapped out. What we would have given to have had that capability available during those years.  Our first reality check set in while we were staring at the thousands of curriculum and textbook choices.  We were totally overwhelmed with information and options, so we reached out to more experienced homeschoolers for advice, but at the end of the day we made some really wild guesses based on our limited understanding of the choices.    The most difficult issue to overcome was not determining the courses and materials for our son, but rather finding textbooks that fit our novice teaching experience.  That was the hardest match to pair, and it truly cost us considerable time and money, as in every semester with lots of trial and error!  Our close friend still has 5 math books, each costing over $100, which were tried but never quite fit into anyone’s teaching style.

So there you have it, the premise behind HomeEdExpert-Advisor, which is very simple; in an information-saturated situation, the wisdom of an expert can efficiently and effectively guide you to the best choice, not only for the student, but also as importantly for the teacher.  The cost to you is pennies on the dollar, but the value is huge to you and your children’s future.  We are glad you found us because we are homeschoolers too.  We will never be able to remove all notions of doubt from your home school, but you will be able to move forward with solid confidence in your educational product choices knowing that they are a tailored fit to you as a teacher and your children as students.  The greatest part of homeschooling is the memories that are created along the way. One of our goals is to give you more time to do just that.

So after many years of homeschooling, our only son, who is our pride and joy, went on to become a decorated scholar athlete at Virginia Tech, whose name has appeared on the All ACC academic honor roll multiple times. Had you told us you knew of a way this could happen during that summer after 5th grade, we would have been more than skeptical and sarcastic. The answer was right there before us, and all we needed was a subtle nudge from our wise and trusted friend to be brave and keep seeking additional answers. In hindsight, what appeared to be a difficult situation turned out to be an absolute wonderful opportunity.  It took considerable energy and thought to get the pieces to fit together, but it was worth every bit of effort required. Blessings and cheers to you all in your pursuit as homeschoolers!  Trust in the thought that the best is yet to come.

Photo: Football score, Nov 9th 2013: VT 42 – #7 Miami 24, SunLife Stadium.  Our son sees his first playing time at offensive guard on all field goals and extra points.  What a day!