The Un-Convention

Although far from startup, Expert Logic Systems, Inc. (eLSi) is a little company with big ideas.  It’s the way we have always been, beginning with our founders and transitioning to our executives and technologies, the initial systems of which are incorporated into HomeEdExpert and HomeEdShopper.  We think of ourselves as visionaries, but we’re allowing you to share your perspectives because like us, you were homeschooling when many looked at you with that same titled head, crinkled brow posture.  “What school does your son attend? Oh, he’s homeschooled.  Really!”  You may a “newbie” and a bit unsure about what lies ahead and how you’ll manage the course, but like us, feel very strongly that this is the right path for your family. Sound familiar?  We are a “family,” that is, fathers, mothers, children, relatives and friends alike, who have contributed and consoled us, watched the passion subside and re-ignite, yet again, as we shape and refine our efforts in pursuit of our goals.  We often chuckle that, if we knew then what we know now, we might have passed and taken an easier route.  Probably not, because we’re passionate about home education, to the point that when we see those heads starting to tilt again, in our heart of hearts, we believe that it has merit and will be the right choice for many.  Believe us when we say that the exit ramps have been frequent and tempting on the road less traveled, but like your homeschool, the benefit to our family and the quality of the end product is what drives us, so we continue onward in pursuit of our goals.

 So, have you ever had that frustrating feeling when you have a solution, but you don’t quite know how to explain the problem?  That was us in 2000.  We started with some what-ifs that truly took on a life of their own; what if we could create a system that captured the knowledge of an expert and produced product recommendations?  Hmmm, what if…  What started as an idea that we felt as though it were divinely inspired urged us to push ourselves to continually evolve.  At times we had serious concerns, doubts and questions that cast a fearful darkness upon us.  Are we still in the forward direction or have we strayed?  What is our next viable move? Belief, prayer, and trust are such simple words on a page, but paramount to one’s will to endure.  And when you least expect, that perplexing barrier melts away like ice from a sun-drenched roof after a relentless winter storm.

“The Un-Convention”… first, we built HomeEdExpert Advisor, our patented system for recommending educational products.  Our first generation release in 2010, in hind sight, came about exactly the way you would expect from a small band of nerds; phenomenal back end “computing power” with an incredibly rough front end “user interface (UI).”  We were so proud of how well our proprietary algorithm worked, but the customer experience was less than ideal.  Our application “look and feel” was more liken to a “stare and slap,” yet we were as proud it as a mama bear with her newly born cub.  We built HomeEdShopper Express, our price comparison search engine, almost as an afterthought because the capability was already “plugged into, HomeEd Expert; we created the new UI to integrate them together. We knew we had two really sophisticated services, yet we struggled to clearly display the problem they were solving.  When you are staring at a tree, sometimes it is extremely hard to see the forest that is right before you.  However, an angel delivered the message to us. “Book fair bargains anytime and anywhere” at the virtual convention… the un-Convention!

Please understand that conventions have their place and purpose, when your focus is collaboration, fellowship, and sharing.  But a big part of why we attend is to seek out authors, distributors and publishers, in order to ask questions about their products and prices, and to see what others are purchasing. If you step back and think about the desired goal, the correctly matched educational product for the teacher and their students, you realize a convention is extremely limited in providing this desired outcome.  Regardless of your age, a couple of days at a convention are extremely exhausting.  The sheer size and volume can be a sensory overload. The efficiency and effectiveness of this experience is less than optimal.  And even though there are lots of educational products to see and discuss, the reality is that the convention allows for only a very small sampling compared to what is really available.  Further, if you’re a vendor, you can only bring but so much product.  Lastly, there are the travel expenses and time, both of which are very valuable.  We believe we have achieved a better way to search for and match to educational products… anytime and anywhere, at your convenience.   So go to that convention, but enjoy attending more lectures and talking with other home educators about how to make your homeschool better. But, don’t forget your mobile device, so that you can compare competitive prices on site with our Un- Convention.

Now that we have introduced ourselves, we will set out to embark on the journey together and follow the whimsical wisdom of the eLSi Owl This BLOG, the Hooty Hoot, is is our sight into the vast window of the thought provoking world of prose; life lessons of homeschooling.  Topics will wander endlessly, but always bring you back to the forward-looking vision of the enthusiastic education of our students. Blessings and Cheers.